Amsterdam with Christmas

What to do in Amsterdam with Christmas?

Christmas is of course a beautiful period, perhaps even the most wonderful time in the year. December is also a fantastic month for travelling. And why not to travel to Amsterdam with Christmas? Amsterdam certainly has a lot of special activities to offer during this period. On this page you can read some of these activities. For more information you can of course contact the welcoming staff of Amsterdam Hostel Leidseplein.

Try Dutch Delicacies

Every country has its own special delicacies belonging to the Christmas Period. So if you visit Amsterdam with Christmas, it would be a pity if you would not try some of the Dutch Delicacies. Try for example the Dutch oliebollen (deep fried doughnuts) or appelbeignets. These bites are part of traditional Christmas menus, but are eaten a lot during the New Year’s party as well. In many stands throughout the city you can find them. See if you like it!

Join a canal cruise

People from Amsterdam like the boats almost as much as the bikes. Fact is that a canal cruise always pays off. But when you visit Amsterdam with Christmas, such a boat tour is even more joyful. From your boat you will be able to see all lovely Christmas decorations from a unique angle and a warm and cosy place. A cruise for enjoying the Amsterdam Light Festival is recommendable as well.

Visit one of the Christmas Markets

During this time of the year, Christmas Markets are widely spread through The Netherlands. You can find these markets in Amsterdam, but in surrouding cities like Amstelveen, Haarlem and Leiden as well. By train you can reach these cities in no time. Join the locals and take a drink and a bite at such a market. This way you will enjoy it at the best. Don’t forget to score some nice Christmas gifts for your loved ones as well!

Will you visit Amsterdam with Christmas? Book a great hostel!

If indeed you decide to travel to Amsterdam with Christmas, we strongly recommend to book your accommodation in time. Amsterdam Hostel Leidseplein offers comfortable rooms for a friendly price. Moreover, you will enjoy Amsterdam from one of the greatest locations possible. If you wish to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.