Choosing the right plants for your hotel garden

Choosing the right plants for your hotel garden

Did you you start a hotel in the Netherlands or Belgium or are you renting rooms in a different way? Then you have noticed that it is important to be different. You want to attract more guests than your competitors, but that does not automatically mean that you have the budget for it. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the little things. What do you offer your guests during breakfast, for example, and what does the website of your hotel look like? But do you really want to attract people with a one-time investment? Then take a look at the possibilities of planting and buying flowers for your hotel garden.

The first impression is worth gold

What is the first thing that guests see when they arrive at your hotel? A pile of bricks with a doorway? Or do they see a welcoming green wave with plants and flowers that are well maintained? It makes a world of difference when you know how to shoot the right pictures for your website. Don’t you have that much time to maintain the front of the hotel, but do you want to place plants? Ask Plant & Grow for advice. On their website you can search for maintenance-friendly possibilities. The experts from Plant & Grow know everything about choosing the right plant for the right place. This way you make sure that the front of your hotel becomes an advertisement board that pulls people in, instead of deter people that walk past your hotel.

The Hotel garden, a place to meet

The hotel courtyard (or the garden behind the hotel) is the place where guests often are getting fresh air before going to the city, or have a meeting before going to their next location. It can also be a place to drink a cup of coffee, just sit quietly in the fresh air or enjoy that one moment.

The garden should be decorated for this. A bare courtyard is not attractive and an overraging jungle is also not really a business card for your hotel. Choose for plants that are always green, which are maintenance-fiendly and do not have overly many bloomers. Because this can be very annoying for people with allergies. With the right colors and composition of plants, you are already in the end, especially when you keep an eye on the goal.