The 3 biggest hotspots in Amsterdam during the Summer

Hotspots in Amsterdam hotspots in amsterdam

In the Summer the city of Amsterdam is filled with nice hotspots to go to. These are the places to be! If you’re looking for a place to relax and drink a few beers, then the list below is for you. Amsterdam has a few great terraces in the city. Amsterdam even has its own beach! Check out the biggest hotspots in Amsterdam.


Pllek is in the North of the city. You’ll have to cross the canal by ferry (it’s for free). Take the ferry to NDSM werf. This is a nice way to view the city from the canal. Once you have arrived at NDSM, it’s a three minute walk to Pllek. Pllek is a place built out of containers. The terrace is full of sand and you can even take a swim here. It has a relaxed vibe with fun people and good music. It’s almost as if you’re at an actual beach! They throw parties every now and then as well.


Roest, translated to English it means rust, is a nice place in the East of Amsterdam. This was an old fabric and they now turned it into a bar and restaurant. During the nights they throw loads of parties here. During the day it’s a fun place to hang out on the terrace or inside. The only disadvantage is that you don’t have a lot of sunlight in the late afternoon… Though this is a very nice place if it’s even too hot to sit in the sun!


Want to soak up some sunshine and wiggle your toes in the sand? Then you must visit Ijburg. This is the city’s beach! It’s located in the Southeast of the city. A place that you have on the beach there is called Blijburg. This is a chill hide out. It has a hippy vibe there and you can drink beers until the sun sets. Up for a party? Check out there planning in the summer months, they throw parties every now and then.

Amsterdam has a lot more to offer. But at least now you know which are the three most popular ones. When visiting Amsterdam, be sure to book a nice hostel for yourself. Hostel Amsterdam Leidscheplein offers you a comfortable place to stay at an affordable rate.