Outdoor hotspots in Amsterdam

outdoor hotspotsOutdoor hotspots

Amsterdam is known for the best museums and art galleries. There’s the Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum and Hermitage. When you visit Amsterdam, these places are definitly worth a visit! But next to the indoor activities, there are also outdoor hotspots which are a must see or must visit! We’ve listed a few outdoor hotspots below.

Swing with a view

In the North of the city (across the canal) there’s the ADAM Tower. This tower has on its upper deck a beautiful restaurant and bar where you can overlook the complete city. But there’s more.. On the roof you can go on an actual swing! It’s not for everybody.. As you swing a bit over the edge when you’re on there… If you are a dare devil, than this is a very fun outdoor hotspots to go to! Next to enjoying the view over the city, you can give yourself a proper adrenaline kick.

The zoo Artis

Most of the animals to see are outdoor in Artis. Artis is located in the Eastern part of Amsterdam, not far from the city center. The zoo is already over a hundred and fifty years old, 181 years old to be exact, and has a lot of exotic inhabitants. This is a fun outdoor hotspots when with children! Let them watch the giraffes, elephants and zebras. These are all located on the left of the zoo. There’s also a part where they have pinguins, flamingos and even little otters!

Visit the Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is the biggest park in the city center of Amsterdam. It’s next to the famous Leidscheplein and you can go there to take a stroll through nature. Or visit one of the restaurants in the park where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink in the late afternoon. During the summer time you’ll notice a lot of Dutch people going to the Vondelpark. They’ll light up there bbq and spend time with friends here.

Amsterdam has a lot more to offer. But at least now you know what outdoor hotspots are fun to do when you visit Amsterdam! When visiting Amsterdam, be sure to book a nice hostel for yourself. Hostel Amsterdam Leidscheplein offers you a comfortable place to stay at an affordable rate.