Typical Dutch Rooftops

You must visit this place when you are in Amsterdam

Typical Dutch Rooftops

Welcome to the amazing city of Amsterdam. The capital city of the Netherlands with plenty of things to do. While creating your Amsterdam bucketlist you must put this on there to:’Experience typical Dutch rooftops and check out typical Dutch Rooftops’.The Netherlands are famous for a lot of things. Cheese, windmills and yes, typical Dutch Rooftops. These orange triangular shaped stunners are so different than the rooftops in other parts of Europe so why not explore these. And what is the best way to explore high things? By being high yourself! No no, we know what you think now, and that is not what we mean. Yes, Amsterdam has coffeeshops where you can get high but why waste your trip with being high if you could actually be high, high up in the sky, you feel us?So put on your fancy pants and your best smile cause today you are going to the best skybar in town!


SKYY Bar Amsterdam

Yes, that second Y is meant to be there. Y you might ask? Because it is that extra awesome, it needs that second Y! This skybar is part of the WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam and can be found on their 10th floor. If you go on Thursdays or Fridays you might catch one of their resident live DJ’s and you can show your best dance moves on the dance floor. While enjoying some cocktails, or mocktails, whatever floats your boat, you will dance the night away while enjoying 360 panorama views. You might ask, does it get better than that?


It sure does!

After a night of of sightseeing and dancing you probably want to take a shower and relax a bit and what is a better place to do this than the Amsterdam Hostel Leidseplein. This hostel is located, as you could probably guess, at Leidseplein. This is the most vibrant square in Amsterdam city center and the perfect place to get a night cap before going to bed. Surrounded with so many great bars there must be one that fits your taste where you can get a drink before going to bed. Besides the location being an A+ the beds are also really comfy. And it won’t cost you much so what is stopping you?